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Scholarly Essays

Brown, Alison. “Bernard Berenson and “Tactile Values” in Florence” (cat. BB.III.4)*

Casari, Mario. “Berenson and Islamic Culture: ‘Thought and Temperament’” (cat. BB.III.9)*

Cohen, Rachel. “Bernard Berenson at Harvard College” (cat. BB.I.1)

Colby, Robert. “Palaces Eternal and Serene: The Vision of Altamura and Isabella Stewart Gardner’s Fenway Court” (cat. BB.III.5)*

Johnston, Tiffany L. “Mary Whitall Smith at the Harvard Annex” (cat. MS.I.1)

Johnston, Tiffany L. “Mary Whitall Smith's Harvard Annex Readings: A Selection” (cat. MS.III.7)

Nader-Esfahani, Sanam. “Paths Intertwined: The 1884 Lowell Lecture and ‘The Sacred Word ‘Botticelli’” (cat. MS.III.6)

Nelson, Jonathan K. “Introduction” (cat. BH.I.1)

Parri, Alice. “Two Harvard Friends: Charles Loeser and George Santayana” (cat. BB.III.10)

Samuels, Ernest. “A Harvard Aesthete” (cat. BB.III.2)**

Samuels, Ernest.“Literary Debut” (cat. BB.IV.2)**


* The essays by Alison Brown, Mario Casari, and Robert Colby will appear in a forthcoming publication by Villa I Tatti, based on the conference "Bernard Berenson at Fifty," and edited by Joseph Connors and Louis A. Waldman. The editors kindly gave permission for the essays to be included in this online exhibition.

** The two chapters by Ernest Samuels originally appeared in Bernard Berenson: The Making of a Connoisseur. Cambridge, 1979. Reprinted here with kind permission of The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.