Autograph Book, 1878-1889


Throughout her life, Mary composed lists and journal entries recording her daily activities. The drawings, quotations, and observations in her “Autograph Book” provide informative and amusing glimpses into her student years. The double-page including the date 20 July 1884, just before Mary arrived at the Harvard Annex, contains the following sixteen annotations:

[left page]
[1] (Dialogue between a young gent. + young lady)
y.g. “There is no connexion between us, is there”?
y.l. “Ho! There is not and there never will “be”!
[2] “I have changed my opinion about his being sentimental”
[3] “not hurt, but mad”
[4] “When this you see Remember me”
[drawing of forget-me-nots]
[5] “Before I would tell anything to my cousin’s niece’s mother’s great aunt’s son, without making him promise him not to tell it to his mother’s grandson’s sister’s husband’s brother-in-law’s sister, I’d_ O well, I-I-I!” I think so too!”


[Right Page]
[1] A quoi pensez-vous maintenant?
[2] ‘‘July 20. 1884.’’
[3] Pour- quoi rougissez-vous, ma chěre?
[4] Gimme a râcè !
[5] never. sometimes. always.
[drawing of B notes, minor, major, and natural, in G clef]
[6] Mary’s lamb
(Hereby hangs a tail)
[drawing of ‘Mary and her lamb’]
[7] Christmas 1880_
_The End_
[8] [drawing of daisies]
[9] Sadie C Whitall,
[10] December. 25. 1877.
[11] ‘‘ To an impartial person, this would seem a blind infatuation’’!




Biblioteca Berenson, Villa I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. Bernard and Mary Berenson Papers, Series: Mary Berenson General Biographical (4.25)